Rocklily Restaurant Special: Black Onyx Steak Tenders

Special of the month

For the months of April & May, guests can enjoy;

  • Chargrilled Black Onyx Petite Tender Marble Score 3 served with potato croquette, broccolini & beans with bacon crumble and mushroom sauce;
  • Served with a glass of the Wynns Coonawarra ‘The Siding” Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 for $39

So what makes Black Onyx so special? 1 word – PURITY! to organise your dream wedding.

Black Onyx Steak is Pure Angus Steak

PURE = 100% Angus Parentage

Genetically speaking, there’s only one formula for the incredible beef that makes Black Onyx a stand out: 100% Angus parentage. This means that Black Onyx cattle like Rolley are created from the breeding of a pure Black Angus Sire and a pure Black Angus Dam. It sounds simple but it takes an enormous amount of time and effort (including genotypic assessment, phenotypic assessment, supply chain tracing and plenty of paperwork) to make sure Black Onyx beef is created from the most genetically pure Angus around.

Pure = Superior Taste

Real, pure Black Onyx Black Angus is a taste that truly memorable feasts are made of: hearty rich flavour, exquisitely fine marbling (a marble score of 3+), tender juiciness and that moment of truth: it really is some of the best beef you’ve ever eaten.

Long-fed = fine marbling

270+ days. That’s a long time to enjoy the finest of vegetarian grain feed and ever so slowly develop the luxuriously fine marbling Black Onyx beef is regarded for. This slow process means our cattle grow at a slow, natural rate, similar to that of a pasture fed animal.

Fine marbling = premium flavour

Marbling is king when it comes to flavour and texture. The unique flavour and aroma compounds of beef are held in the marble fat. So naturally, the finer and more even the marbling, the more satisfying the eating experience.

The pure Black Angus genetics of Black Onyx beef ensures this type of marbling, consistently. The beef is assessed and guaranteed to be MB3+ every time.

Consistency of quality is the foundation upon which great menus are created and we achieve this with Black Onyx beef.

Contact us

Contact us today to book your table. This special is only available for a limited time so be quick. Call (07) 3265 7066 or email us at to book your table.

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