Valentine’s Day @ Brisbane International Virginia

Valentine’s Day – Do those 2 words fill you with fear or cheer?

Apparently Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, sharing and caring? Is it really? Have we lost our way and have we let it become a day of celebration for the commercial world while we all run out looking for cute Valentine’s Day presents, the perfect gift that says I love you but will sit on a shelf and collect dust forever more.

Valentine’s Day ideas are getting harder and harder as expectations grow larger and larger – but what is it that we all really want? After speaking to many of my friends, both single and married, regarding this very topic it seems that here in Australia we would all be happy without most of the fanfare and what we would like most is a quiet, romantic dinner to celebrate love with our nearest and dearest.

With that in mind Rocklily at Brisbane International Virginia is offering a beautiful, quiet, romantic setting for Valentine’s Day this year and because we are all super busy people we will be offering our special menu over 2 nights, Friday 13 February and Saturday 14 February. Our menu offers a tasty selection of dishes including the ever popular lovers’ food of oysters followed by chocolate will be available.

We would love to see you and your true love, making a booking is easy, just call on 07 3265 7066.

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